Working the Snow, Arocs Style

Sweden – When the roads need to be kept clear of snow and ice during Sweden’s winter, the only option is to call in the heavy machinery. It should therefore come as no surprise then that Jonas Vykander uses an Arocs 3258 8×4. From October to May, he’s always on stand-by to keep open the roads north-west of Γ…re in central Sweden. Powered by an OM 473 with 425 kW of output, the Arocs with front-mounted snowplough drives approximately 91 km in the direction of Norway before returning in the opposite direction. The truck is also equipped with a separate laterally-mounted snowplough measuring around 1.80 m in height. Plus, a third snowplough is located under the vehicle. The truck always drives just a few centimetres from the edge of the road. Additional support comes from the spiked tyres on the first three axles. If required, Vykander can also fit snow chains.

To complete his route, Jonas Vykander needs around four hours and he can be called out at any time of the day or night. On a regular basis, he even has to ensure 24-hour operation – Vykander covers these with a further two drivers. All together, the drivers can sometimes clock up as many as 1000 km per day. With that in mind, reliability is an absolute must – especially in view of the fact that the drivers are often left to their own devices: for around 40 percent of the journey, there is neither phone nor two-way radio reception. “Thanks to its reliability, the Arocs allows for problem-free working,” says Vykander. “Plus, compared with the predecessor vehicle, the consumption has sunk drastically.”

Vykander is never alone in his Arocs: Saika the dog is his trusty companion wherever he goes.