WABCO’s “Innovations on the Road to Autonomy”

Building on its rich heritage of innovating advanced driver assistance systems, WABCO is developing an exciting new generation of technologies that will lead to higher levels of commercial vehicle automation. Combining its unique ability to integrate active steering, active braking and stability control, WABCO is laying down the foundations required for increasing autonomous control of vehicle dynamics on the highway, in the city, and in yard applications.

This digital media pack is now available on our website  and includes demonstrations of:

Fail-operational Steering and Braking – Prerequisites for autonomous commercial vehicles, WABCO’s fail-operational systems provide vital back-up safety in the event of a steering or braking system malfunction. These advanced systems demonstrate how they can automatically take control, helping to safely maintain autonomous steering and braking functions.

Continuous Lane Keeping – Combining WABCO’s next generation OnLaneTM with active steering capabilities, this next-generation safety technology has the ability to prevent unintended lane drift and related road accidents.
Full Braking on Mixed Friction Surfaces – Enhancing vehicle safety and stability when braking on mixed friction road surfaces, tomorrow’s commercial vehicles will be able to autonomously apply a combination of braking and active steering systems to ensure full longitudinal and lateral vehicle control is maintained, even when full brake force is applied.

Platooning with Advanced Emergency Braking – Combining platooning with its active braking and autonomous emergency braking capabilities, WABCO demonstrates how all vehicles engaged in a platoon formation can simultaneously apply full braking when the lead vehicle encounters a stationary object. This enables all vehicles in the platoon to synchronize and come to a complete stop from highway speeds up to 80-0 km/h.

In addition, the pack features an in-depth interview with Dr. Christian Brenneke, WABCO’s Chief Technology Officer. Brenneke highlights the prominent role WABCO is fulfilling to advance commercial vehicle automation, support fully-autonomous driving, and platooning. Today, WABCO operates as a tier one development partner and systems integrator for these technologies for OEMs in mature and emerging markets.