VIDEO: Volvo Trucks SA’s Marcus Hörberg

Celebrating 25 years of the Volvo FH Series truck-tractor and ‘Driving Prosperity’ – “The mission of the Volvo Group is to drive prosperity through transport solutions and for me, this means we are here to sell trucks and services to our customers to make them successful in their business. We know that our customers will not come back to us unless they are successful with our total service,” says Hörberg.

“We can also drive prosperity within the societies we are working in. For example, with our core values around environment and safety, we want to contribute to a world which is cleaner with fewer traffic accidents. South African truck operators are seeking better ways to prevent accidents for all the obvious reasons and we can do a lot to reduce the death toll on South Africa’s roads with Volvo’s safety technologies.

“We also understand that the truck driver is a very important part of the safety equation. Volvo Trucks’ driver training programme improves skills levels and instills a sense of responsibility in individual drivers to not only save lives on the road but also save costs for our customers. That’s a good combination, making the customer more successful while society benefits, creating a sustainable win-win situation.”

Marcus with the 25-Year Special Edition Volvo FH truck-tractor