Stability assured as Bandag SA signs TLA

Bandag SA has signed an extension to its Tyre Licensing Agreement (TLA) with Bridgestone Bandag, retaining exclusive ownership of the Bandag brand.

Through the extension of the TLA, many opportunities present themselves, with continuity of the Bandag brand in southern Africa being the foremost.

The TLA extension provides for an additional 15 years. The Bandag brand equity and all its IP remains the exclusive domain of Bandag Southern Africa. There is no change in ownership of Bandag SA and it remains 100% South African. Local management and stakeholders have been entrusted to continue growing the Bandag brand within the region. The ability to respond to local market needs and conditions remains with Bandag SA to ensure continued success – ‘Think global, act local’.

Bandag SA says that it a changing marketplace, with many challenges, it is pleased to offer its employees and franchisees stability to not only overcome these challenges, but to grow and prosper. “At this critical stage an evolving business model is fundamental and with the international exposure of Bridgestone Bandag, we are preparing to offer world class innovations in retreading and fleet management.”

As part of its continued support to franchisees and fleet customers, the TLA extension will provide the following innovations and benefits:

  • Premium Application Specific tread products
  • Global rubber compound research and development
  • Modern retread manufacturing equipment
  • Approved consumables and accessories
  • Tried and tested fleet solutions
  • Continued growth for Bandag brand
  • Cradle to grave tyre management solutions.

Bandag SA is a globally compliant licensee of Bridgestone Bandag. Bandag SA remains independent, premium and exclusive – and says its customer-centric approach remains its core focus.