Rotary donates emergency Isuzu

Newlands Rotary Club has donated a multi-purpose Isuzu emergency vehicle to Emergency Assistance Volunteer Support (EVS) on the South Peninsula – with recent fires making timing of the donation perfect.

The shortage of emergency response vehicles is a serious problem in the Western Cape. The lack of vehicles often leads to emergency services taking up to 40 minutes to arrive at disaster scenes, especially in more remote areas – and lost time can mean the difference between life and death.

Newlands Rotary Club chairman Colin Burke says, “We are incredibly grateful for all the support from our sponsors and supporters; without their selfless generosity, this project would not have become a reality.

“With generous support from Isuzu Truck SA, we were able to donate a fully-kitted, multi-purpose vehicle which will provide services to residents from Claremont to Cape Point. Support has been overwhelming: we even received a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Albert Park in Melbourne Australia, who organised a raffle to help raise funds for this project.”

EVS’s Davin Chown says, “When working with Rotary clubs, you know funds are invested in the projects they are intended for. If it was not for their support and knowledge, and bringing all the parties together, we would not have this magnificent asset available for emergency support. With this vehicle, we will be able to respond a lot faster and contain emergency areas a lot quicker while we wait for the larger support teams to arrive.”

Isuzu Truck SA COO Craig Uren says the company “is thrilled to be associated with this wonderful initiative and to provide assistance to the community”.