New Gateway Truck Stop at Beitbridge

ENGEN has launched the Gateway Truck Stop at Beitbridge, Musina, in response to customer requests for an on-road refuelling site serving long-haul vehicles travelling to Musina and beyond into Africa.

Recognising the need for convenient, safe and comfortable truck stops, Engen plans to keep growing its network where there is sufficient demand, says Mike Stead, Engen Commercial Fuels Manager. The number of Engen Truck Stops now stands at 14, complementing Engen’s retail service station network of 1 047 sites in South Africa.

The site at Beitbridge was taken over by Engen on 1 September. After significant upgrades, it now boasts new equipment and facilities, which demonstrate Engen’s commitment to health, safety, environment and quality standards.

“Like all Engen Truck Stops, this new site provides safe and secure facilities for long-haul drivers,” says Stead. “Drivers can have a bite, refuel and use the rest areas, which offer ablution facilities, showers, and security fencing with controlled access. A wellness clinic operating daily from 8am to 4pm is also available as well as eFuel Wireless facilities. The Engen Diesel Card (EDC), which was not available prior to our take-over, is now also accessible.”

Plans are under way to expand the current site from a four-bay to a 10-bay refuelling forecourt, allowing for more traffic while offering easier access.

Engen’s Group CSI Manager, Mntu Nduvane says Engen is committed to health and safety in all its operations. “Driver health and safety is a priority for us, not only during October, which is National Transport Month, but throughout the year. The wellness clinic at Gateway Truck Stop is one of eight Truck Stop clinics that Engen has invested in country-wide, all of which are aimed at improving the health and wellness of drivers.”

As part of the launch of Gateway Truck Stop, Engen will also be holding a one day Engen Driver Wellness event, offering free health screenings for drivers from 6am – 6pm.

“Driver Wellness is a mobile health awareness initiative which educates truck drivers about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst on the road. Truck operators work long hours, frequently leading to imbalanced lifestyles and unhealthy choices. Education helps to remind the drivers why their health is important and how life choices impact on their well-being. This ultimately increases their health, safety and productivity,” says Nduvane.

Launched five years ago, the Driver Wellness initiative continues to grow with increased driver participation in voluntary screenings and improved health scores.

“Good driver health has a massive impact on the lives of drivers and their families, in terms of reduced exposure to diseases and longevity of a breadwinner,” adds Tasneem Sulaiman-Bray, Engen General Manager: Corporate Affairs. “But most importantly, the programme makes a real difference in society as we continue the fight to reduce the impact of treatable conditions within the trucking industry.”