MBSA supports customer’s employee wellness

PREFERRED specialist provider to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, Aspen Logistics, demonstrated its unrelenting commitment to its drivers by launching its Fleet Owner Workplace Programme, designed by Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) and its partner organisations – Corridor Empowerment Project (CEP) and Trucking Wellness.

Aspen Logistics operates a large Freightliner fleet and transports temperature-controlled and dry products on behalf of clients that supply to major retailers. With years of exceptional service under its belt, as well as values that revolve around transparency and a team-based approach and integrity in all dealings, it was only a matter of time before the company formalised its wellness programme.

“We are incredibly excited to be one of the companies selected by MBSA to pioneer such a valued initiative. Our strategic partnership with MBSA and Trucking Wellness on this project will assist Aspen to leverage off the platform created through the Fleet Owners Workplace Programme to drive our own internal wellness initiatives and programmes,” says Sujen Padayatchi, Managing Director of Aspen Logistics.

“Aspen is passionate about our people, who are really our most precious assets. We operate within an extremely demanding and fast-paced industry and the challenge for us as an organisation is how we navigate meeting the demands of our industry whilst ensuring the well-being of our people. It is in how we align our policies and procedures to ensure that we create an environment where our employees are cared for in the best possible way so that they can flourish in every way. The Fleet Owners Workplace Programme is one such platform that we will passionately drive within our business,” he says.

MBSA is a global leader in employee wellness, with a string of local and international awards, most notably the International Business Association Stevie Award in 2004 and 2010. Collaboration remains an important catchphrase for MBSA as the company strives for the sustainability of the transport sector in South Africa, with employee well being as a key contributor.

Key outcomes of the Fleet Owner Workplace Programme:
• Increase understanding around, and reduce the impact of, HIV and AIDS and other lifestyle diseases
• Increase capacity to prevent and manage disease
• Benefit employee health, life expectancy and job retention
• Information, education and screening around health issues Assist fleet owners to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a sustainable Workplace Wellness Programme (including the development of policies, systems and processes).

The MBSA Fleet Owner Workplace Programme assists fleet owners such as Aspen Logistics to take a holistic approach to employee health and wellness, based on proven models.

“Collaborations such as this one between MBSA and Aspen Logistics are crucial as we strive for the sustainability of the transport sector in South Africa, with employee wellness being our priority,” says Kobus van Zyl, Executive Director: Daimler Trucks & Buses.

“This initiative is truly tremendous in that it places truck driver health and safety firmly on the centre stage. Our drive for excellence translates into benchmark achievements in the field of occupational health and safety. However, pockets of excellence can never be sustainable, so, for more than two decades now, we have made it our mission to share the lessons we have learned around employee health management with businesses and communities around us. This is based on our own first-hand experience of the benefits of a healthy workforce to the sustainability of all businesses involved. This is an initiative that we are backing fully, as we realise that healthy truck drivers mean a healthy road transport industry,” says Van Zyl.