MAN Automotive gains market share

MAN Truck & Bus has shown impressive gains in market share year-on-year.

With 180 units more delivered into the over 16,5 tonne extra heavy category, compared to the same period (January to August) last year, MAN has improved market share by 2,3%, accounting for 10,4% market share on a year-to-date basis – despite the overall market remaining in a state of decline.

MAN Automotive continues to lead the bus market, with 37,1% market share in the heavy bus market over 8,5 tonne. The bus market, too, is in a state of decline, with the market shrinking almost 10% year-on-year.

MAN Automotive MD Markus Geyer says, “We express sincere gratitude for our truck and bus customers who are choosing our offerings in growing numbers. This is the best accolade we can get, and is testimony to the efforts of the entire team at MAN who have worked on improvements to many aspects of our overall business. We have made a lot of efforts to optimise our used vehicle business and are investing strongly to improve our customers’ after sales experience at the point of sale.”

Truck sales head Eren Gunduz says, “Our TGS long-haul trucks are proving to set the fuel consumption benchmark in many applications, and the technical enhancements made a few years ago are proving to demonstrate very reliable, cost-effective transport solutions. We also play in the shorter-haul distribution and construction segments, where MAN Trucknology, CLA and VW products are proving very successful too. We have many great packages for our customers to join the MAN family – the six-month payment holiday, extended warranties on CLA and free R&M packages being examples.”

Bus sales head Philip Kalil-Zackey says: “The addition of the RR4 480 hp coach chassis, the new CLA 280 hp commuter chassis and the new Lion’s Explorer Generation 2 bus body all add to our success in the local market. We are able to offer our bus customers a wide range of custom-made solutions for the very demanding passenger transport environment. We have grown our MAN market share by just on 2% year-on-year, with the VW market share to be restored in the next month or two.”