Iveco SA rises to the occasion on Mandela Day

Poverty lurks in every shadow throughout the length and breadth of South Africa: it is the root of malnutrition, stunting education, skills deficit and disease. With the help of communities and organisations, measures are in place to address many of these pervasive deficiencies.

Botshabelo, a multi-faceted charity, based in Midrand, was born 16 years ago out of a community passion to provide a place of safety and support as well as resources that impact on the lives of needy children, through excellent residential care and education. Through the correct care and education children can be set up for life, giving them the best start possible.

There are three facets to Botshabelo: a babies’ home, education of urban children and upliftment for teacher training. Mandela Day, which brings in much needed contributions, is a vital part of its annual charity drive programme.

The Botshabelo facility was a hive of activity on Mandela Day, with scores of contributors delivering piles of goods and foodstuffs. Prominent among the donors was the Iveco/CNHi team from Centurion who had competed among themselves to provide the biggest parcel on the day, to be matched by the company.

The Centurion based Iveco/CNHi staff were split into three groups, each with a team captain, representing one facet of the Botshabelo Centre: Babies Home, Teacher Training and Urban Kids Pre-school.

The group that collected the largest number of items, for the Urban Kids Pre-school, was declared the winner. With a combined effort from all teams and the matched contribution from the company, more than 500 items were collected for inclusion in the overall donations. All the items collected on the day were combined to fill a specially designated 67 metre square, depicting the 67 years Nelson Mandela fought for social justice.