Hyundai beefs up warranty

Hyundai Automotive South Africa has introduced a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for seven years or 200 000 km, with the promise of greater resale value and peace of mind.

The extended warranty will cover a wide array of engine and transmission components on light commercial vehicles sold by Hyundai Automotive SA with entry from 1 February 2016.

Stanley Anderson, marketing director of Hyundai Automotive South Africa, says, “We are proud to be a leader once again in the South Africa automotive industry with a manufacturer’s warranty that really bears testimony to the trust we place in our products. Our cars’ quality and reliability have established excellent resale values over the years, and many thousands of Hyundai customers and drivers can vouch for the peace of mind that our products bring to the consumer.”

In the engine, items such as the timing chain, cylinder block, head gasket, cylinder head and crank case, to name a few, are covered by the extended warranty. The turbo-charger, water pump, flywheel and engine mountings also fall under the warranty, while the pressure plate and the torque converter are also covered in the manual and automatic gearboxes.

Several other components in the transmission – front wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive – are also covered by the warranty, including the transfer case, universal joint, prop shaft, axle shafts, constant velocity joints and front and rear differentials. Front and rear hub bearings are also on the list of parts that enjoy the warranty cover.

The new warranty covers the nine-seater H-1 Bus, H-1 Panel Van, H-1 Multicab and H100 (Bakkie).