Hino reliability finds favour

It has been just over 22 years since Ravi Moodley started MK Logistics with a single vehicle, adding a few more vehicles over the following four years. With the company going from strength to strength, he also added further dimensions to the company’s portfolio, including warehousing and distribution. This marked the beginning of the MK Group, a strong competitor in the logistics, warehousing, and distribution industry.

Financial discipline and a management team with extensive industry experience led the way to the MK Group achieving its primary objectives: today the fleet consists of over 250 vehicles ranging from one-tonne pickups to the latest in longhaul superlinks. Warehousing facilities have been extended and MK Logistics now boasts several strategically placed warehouses in Alrode (three), Durban, Cape Town, and Rosslyn (Pretoria).

The head office of the MK Group has recently relocated to a larger facility in Randvaal, near Meyerton.

With various brands in its fleet, Moodley says he has found Hino to be the most cost effective. “Our first exposure to Hino was when we purchased several used Hino 500 eight-tonne units which had become available with the demise of Pepsico Corporation in South Africa some years ago. Since then we have grown the Hino fleet to over 40 units, mostly the 500 model in different configurations of freighter and truck tractors.”

Moodley says the success and growth of MK Logistics can be attributed to the service it renders to its clients. New contracts will only be considered if the company can perform within its capabilities “to offer a flawless service, which means eliminating the service of sub-contractors”.

Furthermore, Moodley – with his vast industry experience – will go the extra mile to always consider expanding his fleet to service any additional requirements his customers may have in the growth of their own businesses.

“The excellent service which MK Logistics renders to its clients goes together with the service it receives from its vehicle suppliers,” says Moodley. “With the Hino brand, we have the reliability we require and the back-up when it comes to service and parts.

“A big advantage is the Hino SA countrywide infrastructure which provides a service facility in most cities and towns in South Africa. We have found the Hino 500 eight-tonner to be a straightforward vehicle with no electronic complexities, so if we have to send a vehicle to a remote area urgently the Hino is the obvious choice.”

MK Logistics Group focuses on the food and packaging industries.