High praise for Imperial’s outstanding driver

IMPERIAL Logistics driver Patrick Khumalo recently garnered high praise from a fellow road user who credits Khumalo with saving the lives of himself and his family on a dark, dangerous road in the Northern Cape.

“Robert Bresler, who took the time to contact Imperial Logistics with his uplifting story, urged us to commend Khumalo for his ‘amazing driving’,” reveals technical executive Francois Ehlers, who received a letter and a call from Bresler.

“He told us that he was travelling with his family on a dangerous, dark road that leads to Graaff Reinet in the Northern Cape. When he came up behind an Imperial Cargo truck, he attempted to overtake it, but was thwarted in his efforts by driver Patrick Khumalo.”

“Each time I tried to overtake, the driver moved slightly to the right, to prevent me from doing so,” Bresler explained in his letter. “After three attempts, I realised that the driver was looking out for my safety, because each time I would be surprised shortly thereafter either by a dip in the road that prevented me seeing other cars, or an unexpected curve.

Not too long thereafter, the driver indicated with his right indicators that it was safe for me to overtake, which I then did. I was not familiar with all the twists, turns and dangerous sections on this road, and I believe that Imperial’s driver protected our lives that evening, for which I am so very grateful,” he continued.

Bresler also reported that, later in the drive, he had encountered a “stop-and-go” roadworks section, and Khumalo was the only truck driver who put on his hazard lights to warn oncoming cars that his truck was stationary on the road. “He also did a thorough inspection of his tyres and vehicle while waiting for the stop-and-go, to allow us to pass. It was then that I got out of my car and personally thanked him for his amazing driving skills, for looking out for my family, and for helping everyone around him to have a safer road trip.”

“We are extremely proud of Khumalo, who is a credit to Imperial Logistics and our Road Safety campaign, through which the group, as one of South Africa’s biggest road users and a leader in mobility, aims to promote road safety in every respect,” concludes Ehlers.