Goodyear South Africa held its annual Group Conference at the Boardwalk Hotel on February 13, 2018. This year’s conference theme, ‘Shaping the Future’, saw teams refurbishing 80 desks for learners at Stephen Nkomo Primary School in kwaNobuhle. Goodyear has also revamped three dilapidated classrooms at the school since 2017.

The sound of teams planning and the smell of varnish marked the start of the second day of the conference where senior managers align on the strategy for the year. Zoliswa Njiyela, the school principal watched in awe as the teams got to work.

“This is so amazing, to see how these people are working to help our learners. We have had such a shortage of desks and classrooms which had a significant impact on the quality of our childrens’ education, due to learners having to share desks to accommodate everyone. Classroom environments are extremely important for students and for teachers, everything from the way the desks are positioned to how many learners are in the classroom affects how the learners absorb information. We would like to thank each employee who was involved and we will put these desks to good use,” said Njiyela.

“Goodyear believes in corporate social responsibility and therefore aims to make meaningful contributions towards the social development of communities close to our operations. These desks and classrooms will help improve the learning experience of the Stephen Nkomo learners and we hope that this will shape their future for the better.

Team work is one of the key values that drive Goodyear South Africa operations both internally and externally which sees our employees working as a team and our organisation working with partners like Stephen Nkomo Primary School. We believe that education plays an important role in the future of our country, education has the ability to change lives and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty in South Africa,” said Goodyear Managing Director, Darren Hayes-Powell.

Goodyear South Africa, one of the Top 50 companies in Nelson Mandela Bay, as recognised by the municipality for Top Employer and Long-Standing Investor in the region, continues to strive to make a difference in communities close to its operations.