F.lli Ferrari New Age cranes at IAA 2018

F.lli Ferrari will display its New Age truck-mounted cranes at IAA 2018 (Hannover, 20-27 September 2018).

The new cranes are the result of a structured design and build process from concept to field operation which has included industrial design and ergonomic review, 3D development, Finite Element Analysis, prototype production, laboratory testing and field-based customer feedback.

Innovations include Dynamic Load Diagram, new in the truck-mounted crane industry, which allows verification in advance of the crane lifting capacity based on the actual truck stability; and Magic Touch which allows the driver to open automatically the crane from transport position to working position and back to transport position when required. Both of these features improve driver attention, save time and increase productivity.

The New Age crane range includes the following families:

  • 7000 D – Telescopic boom cranes

From 8 to 24 tm class

Designed to be used in car recovery and other applications where a compact, light and easy to operate crane is needed.

  • 7000 B – Articulated boom cranes

From 8 to 24 tm class

Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations.

  • 7000 C – Articulated double linkage cranes

From 8 to 26 tm class

High performance, for complex lifting applications

  • 9000C – Endless slewing cranes with double linkage

From 18 to 26 tm class

Top performance including shear ball slewing bearing which allows endless rotation of the crane in both directions

  • 7000SC – Short boom articulated cranes

From 8 to 24 tm class

Designed for high loads delivery. Installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Used in construction applications.

An ergonomic working position and user-friendly interface facilitate accurate and safe operation through the control station which includes crane and stabiliser controls. A wide range of radio remote controls are available, as options, for CE and not CE markets.

As a result of recent product launches and innovations, F.lli Ferrari now offers solutions for every industry and application, from mining to maintenance, construction and car recovery.

We welcome you to view F.lli Ferrari cranes on Outdoor Stand FG / N65.

F.lli Ferrari will display the following models at IAA:

7090B-A3, New Age, 9tm class

425° slewing angle – the widest for medium sized cranes – delivers top efficiency and ease of use. And, with more than 40 stabiliser configurations, safe positioning of the truck is ensured in all ground conditions. Suited to wide range of applications from Construction and Logistics to Environment and Gardening.

9265C-A8, New Age, 26tm class

Shear ball slewing bearing at the heart of its rotation system allows endless rotation of the crane in both directions. The result is high flexibility in the ways that the crane can be used. This new model includes double linkages to offer a constant lifting capacity and negative boom angle. Suited to a wide range of applications from Logistics, Building and Construction to Environment and Gardening.

561R-A4, 6.tm class

The 561 series is designed to be installed on GVW 7.5 ton trucks and other commercial vehicles. Standard features include turning stabilisers and rack and pinion slewing. Hydraulic winch, JIB and single hand radio remote control are available as options. Lightweight and versatile, the 561R-A4 crane will be displayed mounted on a Fuso truck.

All F.lli Ferrari cranes are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified.

About F.lli Ferrari

F.lli Ferrari is one of the longest-standing names in the crane world. Founded in 1970, F.lli Ferrari initially built its success on the design and construction of small articulated boom models for use on vehicles that only require standard driving licenses.

In the following years, F.lli Ferrari extended its range to cover the higher machine classes, increasing overall output exponentially. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking ambition, F.lli Ferrari offers excellent coverage of the medium capacity crane segment as well as offering outstanding larger cranes.

F.lli Ferrari is present all over the world, in Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

For further information, please visit www.flliferrari.com