Celebrating new additions to fleet

IDWALA Industrial Holdings Limited, a leading producer of industrial minerals and lime, recently celebrated the acquisition of an additional eight interlink side tipper combinations to complement their existing fleet of 30 bulk powder tankers and eight curtain side vehicles.

Idwala showcased several new Mercedes-Benz and Volvo truck tractors and related technologies at the launch of the new vehicles. On display were a 40m³ side tipper interlink built by Afrit, a 40m³ dry bulk powder tanker built by Duncanmec, a Mercedes Benz 2644 horse, and a Volvo FH440 horse.

On-board compressors

The horses that pull the bulk powder tankers make use of on-board compressors to pressurise the tanker. A special feature on display was the latest technology direct drive PTO-driven Gardner Denver “Tornado” compressor supplied and fitted by Flowsafe. The unit generates 1 000 cubic feet of air per minute to a maximum pressure of two bar.

“The big advantage of installing these compressors onto the Idwala fleet is a payload saving of nearly 750 kilograms, which translates into additional efficiencies and cost savings,” says Gary Wood, Head of Logistics at Idwala Industrial Holdings Limited.

Unique business model

Idwala’s business model is unique in that the complete rig is subcontracted to established transport companies such as Tanker Services, Barloworld Logistics, KWS Carriers and Marble Enterprise Development. The vehicles are contracted on a dedicated fixed and variable basis which consist of a daily rate and a rate per kilometre based on agreed benchmarks and kilometres. The agreement includes insurance, maintenance, and drivers. The scheduling and planning of the vehicles is managed by Idwala in Honeydew.

“The operational performance of each vehicle is of paramount importance and has been fine-tuned over the past 25 years to optimise routes and efficiencies,” says Wood. “The term ‘sweat the assets’ is used daily in our business and each vehicle is monitored 24/7. Every minute is accounted for by a team of dedicated operational staff.”

Marble Enterprise Development

Marble Enterprise Development, previously Mhambi Logistics, is an Enterprise Development initiative established by Idwala in 2008. Idwala assisted with raising the R2.6-m of capital required to purchase two new horses for Mhambi, which were then used to pull two Idwala-owned bulk powder tankers.

In 2011 these horses needed rotation and Idwala assisted with top-up funds of  R1.3-m for this purpose. Marble Vervoer partnered with Mhambi in 2011 and the company was renamed Marble Enterprise Developments. Today, Marble Enterprise Developments operates autonomously and Idwala contract five bulk powder tankers and two of the new side tippers.

“This has been a true example of Enterprise Development and has benefited both organisations,” Wood concludes.