ECO Disc confirmed as Europe’s most popular trailer disc brake

  • Two millionth disc brake came off the production line near BPW’s headquarters in Wiehl in September
  • Top-selling product offers users compelling quality and efficiency benefits
  • New development scheduled for 2018

Wiehl, 13.11.2017 — The trailer disc brake ECO Disc manufactured by BPW Bergische Achsen KG is a runaway success. Countless hauliers have come to appreciate its quality credentials since it was introduced seven years ago. In September, total production passed the two-million mark. And in 2016 ECO Disc was the top-selling trailer disc brake on the European market. The production milestone was reached in the highly automated BPW plant in Hunsheim, which is situated close to company headquarters in Wiehl.

The numerous benefits of the well-conceived, high-quality and durable product are reflected in efficiency gains for users. Its compact design, for instance, increases vehicle load capacity and facilitates faster disc changes. Since the outboard brake pad is mounted on the brake calliper, there is no need for a conventional brake carrier. Compared to traditional disc brake designs with a brake carrier, the weight saving is enormous. In the absence of a separate carrier, moreover, the laborious task of dismantling the brake calliper is eliminated, which saves downtimes, maintenance costs and assembly work when the brakes are being serviced. The design also offers the inboard BPW convoluted air bags better protection against thermal and mechanical stresses, and reliably guards against dirt and moisture penetrating the brake. Cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating gives the brake callipers an outstanding service life.

BPW advocates sustainable innovation

“Several products within the BPW range have emerged as best-sellers. What they all have in common is durability and a positive impact on costs and safety, as exemplified by the ECO Air COMPACT suspension and the ECO Disc brake, which has enabled us to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of trailer disc brakes,” explains Carlo Lazzarini, Director of Trailer Equipment & Solutions Sales at BPW. “A key characteristic of all innovations is the value-added they bring to the customer. New developments must offer users something special and exert a favourable influence on the total cost of ownership.” The company works tirelessly on such solutions for its customers and is never content simply to stand still. At the IAA fair in 2018 BPW intends to redefine benchmarks again by presenting another new brake development.