1 000 000th Actros headed to South Africa

THE ONE millionth Mercedes-Benz Actros produced in Wörth, Germany, was delivered to long-standing South African customer Imperial. The milestone Actros 2646 LS 6X4, a three-axle tractor unit in arctic white, will soon be on South African roads.

With Kobus van Zyl, Executive Director: Daimler Trucks & Buses South Africa in attendance, Stefan Buchner: Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, symbolically handed over the keys to Mark Lamberti, CEO of Imperial Holdings Limited, headquartered in South Africa.

“We are very proud to have already put one million Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks on the road from our Wörth plant. The Actros stands for maximum economy, safety and comfort. Among other things, the truck impresses with its fuel efficiency and that’s what makes it a global bestseller,” says Buchner.

The first Actros was launched in the market in 1996 and since then, the Actros has become the most successful heavy duty truck in the world. Among some of its most notable improvements is a reduction in fuel consumption and increased driving comfort.

“Mercedes-Benz South Africa has sold Actros trucks to countless customers. We have chosen Imperial Logistics as the most appropriate recipient of the one millionth Actros given the extensive, mutually beneficial business relationship developed over a long period. We also recognise the leading position Imperial Logistics has as a professional operator not only in Africa, but across the world. We appreciate their unwavering loyalty to the three-pointed star, as this demonstrates that our products are superior when it comes to quality, economy and reliability,” says Van Zyl.

“The Actros is currently the model of choice for all Imperial operations in South Africa. This model, together with the supporting services and telematics system FleetBoard, has been developed to meet and exceed all Imperial Logistics’ requirements,” adds Van Zyl.

One of the reasons Imperial Logistics utilises the Actros is how easily the trucks can be customised to suit its various applications. They are also backed-up by a professional dealer network intent on ensuring maximum vehicle availability.

“First-class logistics services need first-class trucks. Therefore, for many years, we at Imperial have relied on the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Trucks,” says Lamberti.